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Web Specialists Focused on Your Racing Business Results

Do you need a web page? Do you have a web page that needs to be updated or revised? For best results, you need a web host and designer that understands both whatís possible and whatís profitable.

The business side of the web means understanding the marketing and advertising aspects of the web. And this means knowing how to bring visitors to your site, but it also means bringing visitors back. If you donít bring visitors to your web site again and again, your web site wonít give you the return on investment you expect.

To give you the biggest possible return-on-investment, your web presence must include some key elements. Arkansas Speedways provides you the best possible combination of technical, business and strategic skills and experience you need.

Arkansas Speedways Focuses Your Web Site on Profit

Many web pages arenít designed with a clear understanding of the business or itís goals. You need to decide several key issues before creating a web page. Whether you create a basic corporate brochure site, or moving into a more complex site, Arkansas Speedways can help.

We begin by understanding your customer, your prospect, your product, and your goals for the site. Based on these facts, we help you design a strategy for using your web page effectively. Once your strategy is in place, we help you create a web page that meets your needs.

Your Web Page Will Look State-of-the-art

Designing a web page is more than putting pretty pictures, well-written words, and creative layout on a computer screen. Because the web is quickly evolving, what was good design six months ago is like shag carpets or flower print wallpaper in orange and green.

This means that you canít rely on techniques that are yearsóor decadesóold. Doing business on the Internet is different from traditional business, and Arkansas Speedways keeps you up-to-date on all the latest trends.

Goals Drive Your Web Page to Success

A web page is your presence on the information superhighway. Thousands, even millions of people might visit itóor no one might ever stumble upon it. At Arkansas Speedways, we understand that your web page isnít going to benefit your business if you donít attract visitors. Setting goals for your web page and designing a complete plan for your web page is they key to success.

Whether you have a web page or not, there are some basic questions you should consider:

Do you have specific goals for your web site?
Do you know how many visitors your web site gets per day, week, and month?
Are there specific parts of your web site that you want visitors to see?
Are you tracking what visitors to your web site do while there?
What will you send people who ask for more information from your web site?
Do you communicate with registered web site visitors on a regular basis?
How is your business listed in the major search engines?
Have you tried to make your web site appear closer to the top of the listings?
As Arkansas Speedways designs web pages, we make sure that your web page compliments your overall business strategy. We design web pages that are more than attractive; we design web presences that work!


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